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Wear SPF, or watch that Skin go Left!

It’s a beautiful summer day. Your melanin and / or skin is glistening in the sun. You’re glowing, and feeling and looking good. You get a tan, and your skin gets darker, and golden. Buuuuuut, you did not wear spf / sunscreen to protect your Glowy skin. Did you know that anytime your body is exposed to the sun whether it be summer or winter/ spring or fall, you are putting your skin at risk to being harmed by the suns UV rays? Did you know that tanning is still our skin burning and so our body creates more melanin to add somewhat of a more protective layer to the skin? Keep reading for more skin tea!

SPF protects our skin from UV Rays. As the ozone layer continues to become more depleted, our risk of getting damage from these harmful UV rays has also increased!

Everyday that we are outside or inside, the sun continues to emit its UV rays all year; even through the rain or shine. Even if you think about when we have precipitation like the snow or if we are in sand or in the water on a beach, all of those things help the suns rays to reflect, so actually, our need for spf is higher!! Also, the higher the spf amount -> the more protection you have.

-Skin Cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, is the most common is the USA. Using sunscreen will decrease the cancer chances for us!

How does sunblock/sunscreen work? It creates a shield to prevent rays from reaching our skin!

Additional risks from exposure to the sun:

-premature wrinkles and early signs of aging

-we can get dark spots and patches on our face and body

-cell damage

-uneven skin tone

So long story short, protect yourself, and move smarter. Keep your skin beautiful, as it is the largest organ we have! Head to the pharmacy, beauty supply, or that local business today!

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