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LASHES: Tips to apply yourself

Updated: May 24, 2019

Applying false eye lashes can be quite tricky. however, once you get a routine down and learn some tricks, it will be so much easier. Below are some tips that I highly suggest and am sharing to make your glam process much easier!! Check them out!

Lash application tips:

️before applying, measure lashes to your eye by setting it on your eye lash line without glue first to see if it’s a good fit. You don’t want extra lash hanging off of the end, poking you in yo eye, etc. lashes are often all a general size & you can cut off corners to adjust it so it properly wears.

(Some ppl have small eyes, some have bigger.. so cut if needed)

️when applying lash glue, apply it along the lash band and wait up to 30 seconds to allow for that glue to get tacky before you apply it.

️applying a thin coat of mascara beforehand to your real lashes is great to do.

️look down into a compact mirror when applying each lash (trust me!!! It’s harder to apply when looking straight into a mirror)