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How to Choose a Foundation

Updated: May 24, 2019

If your foundation is ashy .. it’s too light - that is NOT your shade sis...

if your foundation is too red on your skin, it’s too dark and rich for you - that ain’t your shade...

If it sets into your skin, then...

DING DING DING! WE have a winner!

Basic Matching Tips:

📷try the #foundation shade out on your lower jaw area and cheek to see how it blends with your skin tone. Then also consider applying to your forehead and even your neck And compare how they set.

📷take the time to understand your skin’s undertone colors, as foundation shades tend to differ from there.

📷when applying foundation, blend a little into your ears, under your chin and a bit into your neck so it can look seamless and appear better blended. You want everything to look flawless!

📷if you’re unsure of what to do, ask for help.. preferably from another person who can be honest and does not look like a clown or is unmatched themselves (Kanye shrug).

📷some foundations change colors and become slightly darker (aka OXIDIZE) after it sets for a few minutes onto your skin and becomes acquainted with your skins warmth.. so be patient & wait 5 minutes or so before confirming a match.

📷Ask for samples at beauty & makeup stores like Sephora (if you can), so you can take it home, truly try the color out in good lighting and see for yourself. It helps to have another eye to give an opinion, but its ultimately up to you to decide to give that color a go Sis.

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