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Protective Styling maintenance

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Wigs! Box Braids! Senegalese Twists! Crochet braids! Etc.

Now y’all know we LOVE us a good protective style; a good break from doing our hair for a while... because to be real, having natural hair is not easy honey! & Takes time... HELLO! (Can I get a witness?!📷)

However, because protective styles are done to not only give you a break, but also to PROTECT your hair from breakage.

A very important thing to remember is You should make sure your hair is clean and well moisturized prior to installing any protective style.

Check out a few tips below and as always I hope they help!:

🧐Protective styles protect the ends of your hair from cold air, hot air, damage, further manipulation, etc while also helping you to get the chance to retain your hair’s length... all while keeping your hair moisturized until the ultimate take down of that style. Your hair is tucked in, and taking a vacay from the world!

🧐Your protective style should be done on clean hair so you can have a clean environment already set for your hair to grow and flourish. Dirty hair creates traffic, and allows bacteria and dirt to flourish.

🧐You should deep condition your hair prior to your installation, add a leave in conditioner especially to your hair ends , seal in your ends, and then go on with the style. This way moisture can be retained as well!

🧐Also, don’t use protective styling to forget about your hair! You want your hair to have a break, but also not come out worse than before the protective style!

Help yourself by using spray leave ins, scalp massages and oiling your scalp every few days! Believe me, it all makes a difference!

Have fun, flip that hurr...

but don’t forget the purpose of #Protectivestyling !

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