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Men with Beards; Get it in order & Keep it together!

For some reason, a lot of men struggle with being knowledgable about what to do in regards to skin care and hair care! No shots intended, but self care comes in all forms for everyone. Take a few extra steps to care for yourself and treat yourself. For men looking to grow their facial hair out, those who have already began to do so, and/or those who have a full grown beard; these tips are for you! Below are 6 tips: FACE-ial hair care gems and of course some suggestions for products to look into.

1. Hair care for men is just as important as it is for women. I personally wash my hair weekly, deep condition it weekly to replenish any moisture and elasticity lost, and style and treat it every few days. My hair is thick but remains soft, hydrated, long and most of all healthy. For facial hair care, it can be similar but still a bit different!

2. Facial hair grows out more coarse or for better words; thicker than the hair on your head. The hair follicles in your face are a bit differently sized, and your facial skin is also way more delicate. So you need to adequately care for your face, and also the hair growing from your face that you are so lovingly holding on to!

3. Cleansing: Do I really need to explain to cleanse your skin and hair often? Wash your face in the morning and before bedtime; to rid your face of the day's toxins! There are many pollutants, allergins, free radicals, dirt, etc. In the air that catches onto your hair and the top layer of your skin. Dont let them further penetrate and cause breakouts / pimples when you are just trying to live your best life! Also, bacteria, sweat, dandruff, build up, odor and food can accumulate into your facial hair. Come on son! Do better! Make sure u have good cleanser and possibly a moisturizing beard shampoo when u only want to wash your face hair.

4. Hydration: Is your skin flaky? Is your facial hair hard and brittle? Does your hair break off? One reason Hair breaks off and looks patchy, is not enough moisture. Moisture stripped from hair strands leads to weak strands and then breakage. Restoring moisture and hydration levels back into your face and your facial hair strands are key after washing! Look for a weekly treatment you can do for your face or a good hydrating face mask. For your face hair, get into the habit of also using some kind of moisturizing cream or even a beard balm after washing.

5. Detox: clay masks are awesome for removing toxins, build up, impurities and dead skin from both your hair and skin. I personally use this on my body, hair and face. Doing weekly treatments will leave your face and facial hair refreshed and renewed. Products with charcoal, bentonite clay, red clay or rhassoul clay are LIT! Also, exfoliating your skin by doing face scrubs 1-2 times a week, helps reduce the number of ingrown hairs.

6. Moisture retention: when moisturizing your facial hair, make sure u lock the moisture in. A great sealant or moisturizing oil will do this job so well! Just pour a few drops of your favorite hair oil, rub together in your hands, and then massage into your facial hairs. Your hair will thank you!

Hopefully these 6 tips helped! Not only do you have to look like this, but we have to see it. Do us all a favor & keep it together. Get a mini beard comb, and trim your ends. Try these things out and watch that beard, goatee, etc. Flourish. Lets get it! Holla.



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