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Beat Deetz: "Makeup Tea"
May 02, 4:00 PM EDT

includes an every day, more simple makeup look for the minimalist beauty. 

"You woke up like dis."


Makeup for occasions like Carnival, pride, or any parade . includes designs, colors, glitters, gems, etc.


a SOFT Glam: includes 2-3 soft neutral colors, liner, full face.

"Ooo, kill it!"

for a bit more bold clients! Detailed eye look including Bold colors, bold liner, detailed shadow for example:

cut crease or smokey eye.

Glitz & Glitter!

includes DRAMA! anything you want with bold liner, bold colors, and of course glitters you want!


NYC Native, Melissa is a multifaceted creative. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor by career, and both a hair & beauty content creator, as well as a self-taught freelance beginner MUA, outside of that. Her creative platforms and self-proclaimed brand of “NatuREALizta Beauty” were created to promote natural hair, healthy hair and beauty positivity in women of color; and to also provide self-care encouragement and alternatives for herself, as her own way to sustain her mental health.

Melissa provides freelance Makeup Services, with excellent pricing to the community, as she continues to build. Melissa loves to bring self-love and smiles to the forefront of each person she services. Not only is she working to further expand and promote beauty in person, she also creates entertaining Natural Hair, beauty and lifestyle content on her social media platforms via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to educate, encourage, promote confidence, and to spread smiles. She is steadily growing as a micro Influencer and a Hair & Beauty Content Creator. Her work, personality and dedication is the "Realizt".

Check out content by finding @Naturealizta.Beauty on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Also, click on the “More” tab in the upper right corner of the site, and check out Beauty, Natural hair & Lifestyle tips on the new Naturealizta Beauty blog, as well as further info re: content creation.


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